Carol Thomson, Firestream
Media in Durham, NC for
multi-media programming,
animation and videography

Claudia Fulshaw, CFDesign in
Durham, NC for CD-ROM design
and photography

Min-Ah Cho, artist and doctoral
student at Emory University, for the
drawing of Stella Maris

David Dodson, for photos of the
Gullah Islands used in “Hope Travels
Below Sea Level”, taken 12/30/07.

Lori Baron, for drumming on the
recording of “Gather up the (Ocean’s)

Sue DiMaggio, for narration

MindWorks Multimedia in Durham, NC
for recording narration

Erica Simon, for testing

The Yale Institute of Sacred
Music in New Haven, CT, for
enthusiastic and generous support
of the interdisciplinary, multimedia
vision of Ocean Psalms

Immaculate Conception Catholic
Church, in Durham, NC, whose
baptismal font and running waters are
featured in the “Blessing over Waters”

The Coastal Carolinas, and especially
Topsail Island, NC, the beloved
and sacred space, for much
of the inspiration in Ocean Psalms.
Video Footage and sea sounds were
recorded at Kitty Hawk Beach, NC, on

Most of the photographs were taken
at Topsail Beach, NC between 2004-2007,
with some additional photos taken at
Oak Island and on the Outer Banks, NC; at
Xel-Ha, Mexico, the Connecticut shoreline,
and the Gullah Islands, GA.

Icon of Hildegard of Bingen, by Robert Lentz. ©
Robert Lentz. Color reproductions available from
BridgeBuilding Images, www.BridgeBuilding.
com. Reproduced by permission.

Picture of Hurricane Isabel, from NASA
Marshall Space Flight Center. Reproduction permitted.

First tsunami picture, 2004 tsunami in
Ao Nang, Thailand. 12/26/04. Author,
David Rydevik. Reproduction permitted.

Second tsunami picture, from a village
near the coast of Sumatra. U.S. Navy
photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd
Class Philip A. McDaniel. Reproduction permitted.