Ocean Psalms is an interactive CD-Rom presenting meditations, music, prayers, songs, photography, psalms and art, all focused on the sea. In multimedia form, Ocean Psalms invites people into the both ancient and ever-new world of “ocean depths” as a way of deepening the life of the spirit. At a point in time when the environmental assault on the world ocean has become life-threatening, Ocean Psalms witnesses to the primal bond between ecological and religious commitments. This witness focuses on highlighting possibilities of contemplative engagement with the “depths of the sea”.
As an interactive CD-Rom, Ocean Psalms crisscrosses the use of ocean imagery in biblical allusions, ancient hymns, and mystical texts with the particulars of contemporary lives, where the sea is present in a number of quite different ways. These include the sea as a symbol of pleasure (as in meditative music and images of peaceful shores), of threat (witness the 2004 Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina), and of profound environmental concern (rising sea-levels and intensifying storm activity, coastal erosion and habitat destruction, industrial and municipal waste pollution, and over-fishing). Taking contemporary realities into account, Ocean Psalms at heart seeks to foster contemplative engagement with the ocean as a site of encounter with Ultimate Reality, in the hope of awakening both reverence and compassion for our threatened oceanic ecosystem.